Psilocybe (Stropharia) cubensis – San Isidro



Besides Psilocybe mexicana this is another mushroom of Mexico that played and plays an important role in its cultural context. While P. mexicana is hardly obtainable in Europe, Psilocybe (or Stropharia) cubensis became more popular in the USA as well as in Europe during the past few years. Among all the psychoactive mushrooms it is the easiest to grow even in a relatively simple equipped home laboratory. A detailed description of the procedure is found in my: “Das PilzZuchtBuch” (The MushroomGrowBook), in which several growing-methods for various mushroom species are described.

Use: ca. 2–3g of the dried mushrooms are eaten, preferably on an empty stomach.

Active constituents: 4–12 mg/g psilocybin, 1 mg/g psilocin, 0,0–0,2 mg/g baeocystin, in carefully dried mushrooms.

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