Lagochilus inebrians – Inebriating mint

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The inebriating mint, as it is named in English, is a Central Asian shrub of the family of the labiatae.

Use: The leaves are dried and prepared as a tea.

Active constituents: Lagochilin, a bitter diterpene. Whether it acts psychoactive is not clarified. The discoveries about Salvia divinorum at least make it seem possible.


Effects: Relaxing, mood enhancing, inebriating.

Side effects: None are known. Because of insufficient information caution is advised.

Suppliers: Seeds, living plants and dried herb in ethnobotanical stores.

Suppliers- Bezugsquellen
Reference sources are given examplary and serves for information only.
Bezugsquellen werden rein exemplarisch angegeben und dienen nur zur Information


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